Sunday, December 18, 2005

Touch Me and Then Just Use Me Until I Get My Satisfaction!

So you awake to a dream come true
The atmosphere and mood all around, you can tell you life has completely turned from a negative to a positive. Everything is in order, you life is well... perfect, everything is right. What's next. What does a man do when he gets all he has ever desired. Does he die? Is it actually possible for a human being to be totally and utterly satisfied?
I am wondering that as I stare at the empty piece of paper right underneath my hand. This particular hand of mine is now gripping tightly to a pen awaiting the first touch of the ink to the white canvas. This is where my mind starts to wonder.....
Sometimes I absolutely adore a blank piece of paper-that the times when you know what you want to fill it with. Then there are times when I wholeheartedly despise a piece of blank paper. It sits there and you keep thinking thinking thinking what should I write about, what should I draw, what is my collage's theme? What thoughts cross my mind while I wonder it is needless to say I wish things were back to the good old days. Every other weekend is torture how do I awake to bare more.
Christmas is coming I kept thinking. Later that night I wept at the future how can I worry when nothing is ever promised tomorrow today? Why must I dramatize everything it is just inevitable. I am the Blogger! Oh man that brings both laughter and sadness "blogger". Pain and Joy are they two that should be mixed? Is curiosity and discover a cocktail I wish to make? Some people worry about what others think, I'd much rather worry what I was thinking. How very pointless this blog seems to me but yet I am still typing out redundancies. When I say redundant my mind automatically shifts me over to Courtney's room where I will see her cd player and inside lay Greenday, one of my worst enemies. Greenday sings of redundancy and "a walking contradiction" that quote removes me from that room into the Living room where my mother tells me that I am a walking contradiction, such a strange thing to say when it happened I must have laughed. Laughter is a lot of fun and if you haven't laughed well now would most definitely be the time to start. For instance say I was sitting next to you right now what sorts of thoughts would be on your mind? If you haven't laughed yet then think of something that might cause a giggle a chuckle or two. Two rhymes with shoe. Shoes are so much fun to wear and to shop for, I have so many shoes but I always want more its like I can't ever be satisfied with the number of shoes I have or what types of shoes I have. Not being satisfied reminds me of life and my question which was, "Is it actually possible for a human being to be totally and utterly satisfied?". Well after writing out this what at first seemed to be completely ridiculous blog entry I realize that for me as a human being I haven't found satisfaction in shoes nor in life. Though if you laugh a lot you can come very close to total satisfaction. In the meantime focus on what makes you happy and go where the wind takes you, travel light. Life is short and something not to spend away. Wow! I wonder if anyone actually took the time to read this?? If you did HIGH FIVE MAN GOOD FOR YOU, good for you good for you. Anyway have a glorious day.

Skinny Black

i would say the only way a person could be satisfied is if they had no desires, is only because we are men(people) that we want, and we want because we are men. it is impossible for a man not to want (exept with god.. eclesiasties) so it's imposilbe to be completely satisfied. maybe..

Posted by Skinny Black on December 18, 2005

Sunday - 6:54 PM

♥The Notorious L.I.G♥

You utterly amazing but, you should be happy find somthing that makes you happy. Do you have anything that makes you happy. I know hanging with Cricket brings you joy. If there's more than that find it and use it. Devote time into it. Good luck my friend

Posted by ♥The Notorious L.I.G♥ on December 18, 2005

Sunday - 11:22 PM

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