Friday, December 16, 2005

Telling Time Tina and The Cell Phone Snatch

It was a nice windy Wednesday. A day that Telling Time Tina and Pretty Planning Patty were hoping to go to church. As usual Telling Time Tina had used her cell phone to call her mother to find out if it was okay if she went home with Pretty Planning Patty. They stood in the hall while other students filed out of the school. As Telling Time Tina closed her cell phone she revealed to Pretty Planning Patty that her mother had told her no, she could not go home with her. Pretty Planning Patty was instantly sad. Then right out of no where came Mrs. Lossoftime the principle. She looked at Pretty Planning Patty. "Excuse me, she said who is that that was on the phone? Just as Pretty Planning Patty was about to answer Mrs. Lossoftime turned away from Pretty Planning Patty and was now asking Telling Time Tina what she was thinking using a cell phone during school. The look on both Pretty Planning Patty's and Telling Time Tina's faces were excellent. Mrs. Lossoftime made Telling Time Tina give up her cell phone. Mrs. Lossoftime explained "We don't use cell phones in school, if you want to come to my office at the end of the day and get your cell phone that will be fine." At that moment Telling Time Tina blurted out to Mrs. Lossoftime that it was after school right now, three, zero something to be exact. Mrs.Lossoftime gave the cell phone back and apologized saying that she didn't realize the time. We all know that that could not have been expected of her as her name stated, she had loss time. Our hero Telling Time Tina was rewarded with the return of her cell phone and all justice was served, in the School of the People With Purpose.

♥The Notorious L.I.G♥

That great I love the names lol. So If you made stories about people their names would be changed. What would my name be? Reading this I really did Laugh out loud. keep the stories coming maybe I will find my name in one.

Posted by ♥The Notorious L.I.G♥ on December 17, 2005

Saturday - 11:28 AM


I know I think that the same letters at the beginning of the names was fab. We have quite an exciting life when I tell it in story form like that lol.

Posted by alexisbea on December 21, 2005

Wednesday - 8:45 PM

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