Monday, August 27, 2007

My Fatality -Aug 27, 2007

At first Glance I am transparent
you can see right through me

But as you unwrap this letter
this last testament of my regret

I spill unto the floor
never to be removed

I'm the stain that won't leave
I'm the tear that you can't keep
inside of you and bottled up

its in this instance
its in this moment

I let myself go
Surrender to my own confusions
Surrender to my own lust

Without a look of loneliness
I never would have lost
No No

No I never would have lost this

Without a look of anticipation
I never would have found
No No

No I never would have found this

in splendor I taste such a sweet disgrace,
you've opened me indefinitely
and now I can't be closed

No Now I can not be closed.

♥The Notorious L.I.G♥

I'm glad I am first to comment on this wonderful poem. I can really relate to this. I have to say pal your quite the poet. Keep em coming I know you have one loyal fan right here. good job

Posted by ♥The Notorious L.I.G♥ on December 10, 2005

Saturday - 8:25 PM


Nice poem. Poetry is the shit. Unfortuneately for me, i can't write serious poetry i dont think, just funny useless stuff. So good job.

Posted by t-wal on December 14, 2005

Wednesday - 9:32 PM

♥The Notorious L.I.G♥

repost this for a reason?

Posted by ♥The Notorious L.I.G♥ on August 29, 2007

Wednesday - 1:54 PM

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