Sunday, February 8, 2009

To Burn Again

I want you to imagine your biggest and boldest dream.

What does it involve? Is it happiness, love, truth?

Is it wealth? Is it driven by passion or compassion.

Or both? Are you looking towards a field alone

or is someone holding your hand?

I want to know where you see yourself in five years.

Are you here, still? Are you empty, still?

Will you forget bad language and bad habits

and replace them with shine and wax

or will you replace them with a person and a place?

Will you be loved or in love?

There is always something to dream.

No matter how close you are to living or dying,

You will absolutely and always desire and dream.

And I want to know what is.

What are you dreaming about today?

Will it change tomorrow?

I just want to know what you desire with everyday

as it begins and as it breaks

what is your first thought?

I miss being so close to someone

that I never had fears of any words I could speak

I miss being so close to someone

that there was listening from both ends

largely physical and emotional

but majority of it was a simple truth

and we shared it.

I just miss the relax and the exhilaration

of having another person around

that touches the same desires.

there is nothing like the burn

between two souls

so hot to touch

so comforting, in its warmth

and this is my desire.

To burn again.


that was very intense rocket girl. your smile is the sun, and it makes me shine.

Posted by LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR on February 11, 2009

Wednesday - 8:52 PM


you are loverly davey. I miss you. I wish you weren't so far from me.

Posted by alexisbea on February 11, 2009

Wednesday - 8:57 PM

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