Friday, January 23, 2009


young wonder and fresh crisp dreams
covered up lightly with a blanket
keep them safe
keep them sound
keep them always
keep them around
but don't build on this
do not build on dreams like foundations
no structure can it hold
no existence can it contain
for dreams are not foundations
but dreams are clay
dreams are brought up from the ground
and made and molded to be
dreams are sparkling and vibrant
there is nothing like letting go
but there is nothing more powerful
than to release a dream
releasing a dream into reality
true strength and true passion
demonstrates itself
as your dream becomes a whole body
all your positives are embodied tightly
in the nitch that you can stitch
but remember this
if you insist on forgetting the rest
you cannot create by just dreaming
but you can dream to create
and that is the golden apple
that is the tastiest fruit
we can eat
the fruit of creativity
eat it, plant it, cultivate it
make it your own
young wonder and fresh crisp dreams
are like the gunshots fired
before a race you must run
but remember to run it
run, run, run
with all you have.

i wear the black for the poor and the beaten down

yes rocket girl.
run run run!
Posted by i wear the black for the poor and the beaten down on
January 23, 2009 - Friday - 11:07 PM

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