Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My darling,
I have given fear the wrong directions.
I have replaced them proper
with love lockets.
No one has keys to unlock
but the master of all whom is
and was and will ever be.
I have no fear in this life
and no fear for the prior or after.
I have nothing but truth
to discover
and my heart is fulfilled
and my longing has ceased.
The fire inside me burns
to call others to understand
and to be lights.
To be candles in the dark.
To be the rolling in the wind.
Something worth seeing.
Something worth hearing.
We are something worthy
if only we'd believe in ourselves.
If only I believe in you.
And I do.
I believe in you and me
and all that is above and below.
I believe in you and me
and all that is between.
I believe so deeply
in everything.
And this belief
this belief I hold dear
it is my saving grace.
It is my love
in a locket.

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