Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Am Ready To Fall

I been thinking a lot lately
and I don't know much or really anything about love
but I've always known I wanted it
and I've always been afraid of failure
and If I ever stepped foot into a river that I didn't recognize
I'm hoping there would be someone there
to help me wade through the gentle waves
cause even if I'm not ready for the ocean
I think I could walk through any water with you near
Tonight it's cold out side
no really it's freezing
and I want nothing more than to lye in bed with you
and talk about whatever nothing anything
cause I can just lye down
and feel your smell all around me
and I know this is something I've never been so close to
it's the closest I've ever come
and if I walk tonight to see you
even in the coldest weather
while there is snow white grounds
know it's cause sometimes my actions speak louder than my words
and while my words are many, sometimes
I can't muster up the courage to say
I'm ready
I want to try this
I want you
And I'm hoping there are things more true than me
I'm feeling good about my dreams
whether you are here or there
I want to be with you
Sometimes my motive is confused
but tonight as I listen to what reminds me painfully of you
I realize that I have not wanted something more
I will let my feet walk through any kind of weather
to be any distance nearer to you
Somehow this took me months to realize
but I'm so ready
so ready
to fall
and I don't even doubt
your hand will catch me
and this embrace
will illuminate the world for me
like the sun on a rainy day
I could compare you
but why
you are you
and I am I
we are we
and hopefully
it will be.

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