Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All The Years

All the years within me have spoken to me many secretes. They are vast in their subjects and pure in their meaning and purpose. My years have spoken to me both softly and loudly. My years have exclaimed of knowledge, wisdom, hope, grace, truth, happiness, love, relationships, humans, animals, coffee cups, spilled milk, of winning and of losing, of sharing and caring, of having and holding, of knowing and of believing. My years have whispered to me small lessons of life.

And as each whisper is spoken I feel the lesson being learned. I feel the importance of each mistake and the compassion of others. For many of my years I spend all my time and money trying to catch up with my past. All the while, knowing full well that the past cannot be repeated. All the while hoping for more but attempting so much less.

Today my years caught up to me. They have been chasing me so. I reached for them and listened up like a kid does to a cartoon character. I saw before my eyes what it was like to live my very own life. I analyzed who I was and where I was. What was I doing here and how did I get here? From any and all directions possible it seemed to me that everything had happened quite strategically but very in disguise.

And in my deepest consciousness I know that I have been a mess. But upon listening to the words of my years I start to see that all hope is not lost. All hope is too be gained with each and everyday. Each and everyday is a gift. Every person is a gift. Thank God I am here, living, breathing. I have true zeal. I always have but my zeal has been pointed in direction crooked like ruffled feathers.

But my zeal is brilliant and my hope is growing even brighter. I see the shine that I used to and I am so so ready for whatever tomorrow brings me. No matter the distance life is how you measure it. I wanna go far.

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