Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Result of Being Awake At This Hour

Hello everyone and welcome to my first offical post on Avenue Alexis. I'm not sure if I am satisfied with the title of the blog but I will try and make it work. I'm at this very moment fairly disappointed with the design or truly lack their of. I have this issue when it comes to design. I know I can learn to design quickly and easily but I don't want to most of the time. I am in for the instant click and save of a free template which is at times nice but it's a halfass way of doing things. I need to brush up on my css and actually try to learn the differences of html and xml. Although several differences between the two are quite obvious just by the first glance. I spend too much time on my laptop doing rediculous and meaningless things and I want to change that. 

On a different note in regards to this blog I have decided to slowly but surely import my Myspace blog into this one. It will be a long and painful pursuit. But I have decided because Myspace decided to be either stupid, stubborn, or both when they set up their blog platform that I would like to move it to a place where others could see more of an archive. There are many downfalls to moving the blog. One of them being as I have said above, it will be a long and painful pursuit. Long because I have over 240 entries on that blog and painful because I will be loosing my comments. Or will I? As part of my plan to import my Myspace post I will be including my comments as part of the post. I think it is a neat way to see how other people responded and then the comments on here will be reflective and aware of other's opinions and I believe that will be interesting and beneficial to at least one person or another. Or in the most probable situation, interesting and beneficial to just me.

While we are on the subject of me, (as if this blog has something to do with anything else) I think I might have stayed up too late tonight already to be awake by 5pm. No. Perhaps not. I used to think my sleeping issues were not that bad even in some cases enjoyable. Always being the last one asleep and the first one awake at slumper parties as a kid. Staying up late and watching dirty movies you aren't even supposed to have on cable but somehow your crazy step cousin or whatever came over and hijack a few dirty movie channels for you. Eww. I'm kidding. But seriously everyone has seen at least one porn in their lives. If not, go watch one. Just to laugh. 

But back to the subject at hand, my sleeping problems. I will not claim a disorder yet as I have yet to and probably will never be dianosed unless I somehow have the time and the money for that. But I could never have the money and I doubt I would make the time. It seems like a lost cause anyway. I go to the doctor and tell him I have having trouble getting to sleep and or staying asleep at night. Doctor says, "Oh, well here, take this medication. It will make you fall asleep for a good eight hours. But be careful you may fry a pancake or two while your in slumber." And that's when I say, "ah, not thanks!" Even though the idea of a midnight pancake or two isn't bad, I'd much rather be awake for that particular activity.

And honestly I believe that is where the root of my sleeping problems lies. Not in the fact that I cannot sleep or that I cannot stay asleep but in the fact that I don't really want to. Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoy sleeping but I love to be awake. I mean living. I love life. And that can't be all that bad.

Well that's all I have for you folks tonight or this very early morning. I hope you have a good Thursday. Which I cannot believe it is already Thursday. Good Lord!

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